Paradise Found, Innocence Lost

Part of my “Article of the Month” series in 2000

They say “change is good.” Well, I think for the most part, people tend to abhor the instability associated with change. People seem to cling to routine, to order and predictability.

True, I suppose that it’s precisely that kind of unchanging blandness that can stifle our relationships, make boring our lives, but people and chaos don’t mix well.

I’m already sidetracked. The point of all that was to say that I’ve moved. Physically, not metaphorically. I’ve switched apartments, given my recent robbery and all.

I wasn’t exactly discontented where I was living. It was a modest two-bedroom, two-bath domicile. But it’s amazing what a new setting will do for your outlook.

It’s the little things about the new place that has me excited. For instance, the whole apartment has 10 foot ceilings, not just a vaulted living room. Although both the old and the new apartments were about 1,000 square feet, that extra 2 feet of height yields about 2,000 additional cubic feet!

So what’s the big deal? To me that screams, “Wall art!” That’s right, I promptly purchased and framed some cool paintings. One is an original oil painting of a violin and candles. It’s a very deep toned, classic piece. The second, a gift, is actually an extremely large 12-color processed ink jet printing of several timepieces (clocks, pendulums, etc.) Together they’re quite stately (in my uneducated opinion).

It’s funny how times change isn’t it? Only a few years ago, there were nothing but posters in my dorm room. Now in an apartment, on my own, the posters seem tacky. I guess it’s further evidence of a youthful innocence lost.

Not to beleaguer you with sentimental reminiscence, but this month (August, that is) marks yet another successful notch on the age pole for me. So if you feel inspired to console me in my ordeal of rapidly departing “the 20s” demographic, please do so by sending birthday gifts. Aside from uplifting, they will also help me fill this 2,000 cubic feet of unusable volume. You may email me for my address. Thank you.

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