The Cabin In The Woods

Spoilers Below
Note that every word following this is considered a major spoiler for the film.

So, what would happen if you threw Men In Black, Cube, Hellraiser, and most every scary-secluded-cabin-for-teenagers movie in a blender?  The Cabin In The Woods would happen.

This is the film from 2012 from Avengers wonder-boy Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard.  I loved this movie.  It turns the genre (if you can pick just one) on its head. I loved that — despite it not taking itself too seriously, despite it having a good sense of humor — it painted a deep mythology.  I loved that it dared to explain not only why we love monster, ghost, and zombie movies, but also where these creatures all come from and what their purpose is.

Joss is a talented writer, and you can hear it again here.  He and Drew are working with very, very tired tropes.  Stereotypes well-trodden, but yet here their dialog is sparkling.  It’s amazing what a fresh coat of high-dollar paint will do to a lonely spooky cabin in the woods.

I love this movie.  Did I mention that?






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