online IDEs

I love IDEOne.  It’s a fully debuggable online compiler for a bunch of software languages.  And there’s no need installing a plugin to format source code correctly on my blog, when this service offers embeddable links.  Like this: By the way, this isn’t compiling. Anyone have any pointers? See what I did there? Pointers?

The collision of Boxes


I’m a big fan of Dropbox.  I (and the rest of the internet) have been using it in free mode for quite some time.  I probably don’t need to tell you what it is.  What I particularly love about the cloud is that it kills two birds with one stone: Syncing your files painlessly between…

Bearable wearable

Fitbit sleep metrics

I’ve always loved following tech. The emergence of the wearables market has been a fascinating one: a convergence of small form factor, low power, and high performance electronics.  In particular, this market really couldn’t have happened without the smartphone industry blazing the trail, since wearables leverage multiple technologies like touch screens, accelerometers, compasses, and wireless interfaces. And…

Inaugural Maker Faire

Well, I’ve officially joined the DIY electronics community.  Last week, I attended my first Maker Faire.  It was my city’s first ever, and I was determined to take one of my projects as a booth participant.  Nothing like a deadline to get my hind quarters into gear and (kind of) finish a project!