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  1. You’ll have yourself a zoo before you know it.

    One winter, I had a squirrel that would scratch on my back door and wait to be fed. He’d sit on his hind legs with his little front paws dangling and he’d beg for bird seed. (I was trying to feed the birds) It was really cute.

  2. Rob, since you have a real tree, after Christmas you can set it on the back porch. Roll pine cones in peanut butter and bird seed and hang from the tree with twine. That’s what I did the year I made friends with the mooching squirrel. I had half a dozen squirrels in my tree trying to loosen those pine cones so they could steal them!

  3. Good heavens, just ignore the comment about the birdbath! It looks like what it is supposed to be..a birdbath. And loved the idea Jules about setting the tree outside after Christmas. I did that one year. You can put all sorts of goodies in it. And the birds love to rest in it too.

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