Most Hideous Shoe Award

The nominations are in:

Rob with his old work boots. To give you an idea how old they may be, his fiancée was nigh a teenager when Rob first bought them. Some have remarked that the boots seem a bit too… despotic.

Rob's shoe

Next up is Mark and his Red Racer sneakers. These babies are right at home in laser tag tournaments or Star Trek conventions.

Mark's shoe

So, faithful reader, it is up to you to vote the winner of this year’s Most Hideous Shoe Award!


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  1. Welllllll…….let’s just say that SOME people in the family have had the opinion for SOME time that Mark should go shoe shopping (possibly with someone along to gently guide…Sarah, could you be a candidate?). We earnestly hope and pray that Mark will not try to match these vintage models up with his tux for the wedding!

  2. I don’t think ugly is the issue here. Let the shoes speak for themselves, which these do, loudly!

    Rob’s shoes are sturdy, dependable, functional. They are low key, nothing flashy here. They are definitely shoes for the long haul. They’re saying, “There’s a job to be done, and I’m here to do it.”

    Now, Mark’s shoes have an entirely different attitude. You can almost see them laughing. Build a shed? These shoes would rather join the circus! They’re saying, “There’s fun to be had, and I’m going to find it!”

    The real question is, which shoes would you rather wear?

  3. Ooo, I think I won! I have so many people to thank; my family for supporting me while not knowing that I will get them back, God, my agent, And1 for designing shoes that never (and I mean NEVER wear out, and everyone else who believed I could win this award… Keep in mind though, that the descriptions were a little biased. Despotic? That’s putting it mildly- Rob’s shoes snapped to attention and then invaded a neighboring closet… Hageln die nazischuhe!

  4. Are you kidding me? These aren’t hideous shoes, just worn out. Ridiculous! A hideous shoe can be brand spanking new, but ugly as sin. I had to post when I saw this because my sister and I regularly try to one-up each other with emails of ugly shoes, and this site came up. Again, these are not hideous shoes, they just fall in to the old and dirty camp.

  5. Ridiculous, CS? I’d like to draw your attention to the RED-YELLOW FADE on my shoes! Alas, now they will be playing (rainbow) basketball in heaven… *sniff*

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