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What is Christianity?

Christianity is a life long relationship. Salvation is when you meet. This may sound overly romantic, but really, what are the scriptures emphasizing if not full reconciliation with God? I have many friends; the closest ones are the ones I have the most conflict with, love the most deeply and am loved by most deeply. They have been the clearest picture of what my relationship with God is like. It is an ongoing discussion – sometimes in words, usually through demonstration (I will eventually connect something I’ve been praying about with something that is repeatedly happening around me or to me), usually spoken through the people around me (they’re usually oblivious to the fact that they’re answering prayer for me).
Relationships are cultivated, chosen. Some people are really hard to know, but you get glimpses of their inner world and find it stunning and it pushes you to know them even when you don’t easily click with them or understand them naturally. This is what it is like for me and God in the hard places where I don’t want him to be right or I don’t want to go where he’s asking me to go (usually emotionally, occasionally physically). I have found enough in scripture and in past experience to know I trust God enough to want to trust him in scary places; I trust he’ll make up the difference. That’s my 2 cents.

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Red Rock excursion

This was all you could post?! I KNOW you took more pic than this! – Ter

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Last will and testament

Too funny…

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Bird watch

I’m less than impressed… 😯

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Projector update!

Braveheart! (also a bit violent…)

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Here I raise my Ebenezer!

Very cool, Rob…

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