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When my washing machine breaks down, do I call a plumber? No! I text my wife.

Our new(ish) GE Profile top loader LE (deliberately, cloth diaper friendly low efficiency) washing machine stopped spinning last night. Not good.

So while at work, I google it and culled together a list of DIY home improvement fora posts to send to her at home:

I had the same problem. My washer wash working just fine, then all of a sudden it quit spinning. It would drain but not spin. I was puzzeled, So I took the front of the washer off, took both my hands and while still pluged in (not recommended) I forcefully tried and move the belt to see if I could get the tub to spin. When I did this it started to spin for a few seconds then stoped. So I did this a few times thinking that maybe something just got froze up. As I was spinning the drum I could see through the transparent plastic wash drum and I noticed a big black clump of something and realized that something was stuck inside between the tub and the outter tub!!! So I removed the two screws that hold the top of the washer on and removed the top of the washer and uncliped the plastic clips that fasten to the plastic drum and then was able to access the space between the tub and the outter tub and took a long peace of metal and dug out the black ball of material. It ended up that there was an old pair of boxer shorts that had somehow managed to drain out of the tub and get stuck inbetween there. Now my washer works like brand new again.!!! Try and spin the tub around by hand and try and see if you can notice anything through the transparent tub housing. There might be something stuck inbetween. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT A PAIR OF BOXERS ACTUALLY COULD HAVE SPUN OUT FROM UNDER THE AGITATOR AND GOT STUCK THERE but they did and that was my problem.

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If the water level scensor detects water in the tub it will not allow the motor to spin, check to see if there is power at the motor.

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I had the same problems with GE washer; it would work normally until it got to the spin cycle, then it would just sit there and hum. I looked on line, just like you are, and saw all kinds of answers. I figured out how to take the front plate off and on the left side of the tub, there is a clear plastic box with a clear hose running out of it. The last three inches of my hose was black with gunk (lint, mold mildew???) I cleaned out the hose with a piece of hangar and squirted a little bleach in the tube. Apparently, that little tube senses how much water is in the tub and wouldn’t work because it was full of gunk. I then ran a small wash cycle with a whole bottle of bleach. I checked the drain hose when it emptied the tub and it spit out a lot of little chunks of gunk. It seems to work fine now, so I guess that I fixed it. I am going to repeat the bottle of bleach in the small wash cycle every few months to keep it clean.

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Washer now fixed

GE repairman just left, the problem was blockage in a pressure sensing line that controls the water level in the tub. He cut about 1″ fromt the end of the hose were the blockage was and all works fine now. He only charged me for the service call $69.95.

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Thank you jeffnoel!!!! We were having the same problem with our washer, it was not filling and would agitate but not spin. Sure enough, we found a blob of goo in the pressure sensing line. We cleaned it out with warm water and vinegar (not feeling confident about cutting anything) and Presto! a working washer!! Thanks again!

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And you know what that wife if mine did, with a baby strapped to her body? Yup, she fixed it herself. No man required.

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