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As most of you know by my annoying name-dropping, I’ve been reading Wild at Heart.

It’s a great book, one that I’m reading slowly to savor it more. For instance, one area that I love about author John Eldredge is his taste in movies. I feel a little vindicated for drawing so much theology from films!

Here’s a movie index I compiled from the book as I read it:

Title — Page
A Perfect World — 65-66, 126
A River Runs Through It — 126
An Officer and a Gentleman — 16
Braveheart — 11, 22-23, 164-165
Die Hard — 11
Flying Tigers — 11
Gladiator — 11, 100-101, 134-135
Good Will Hunting — 124-125
High Noon — 11
Jerry McGuire — 150
Ladyhawk — 16
Legends of the Fall — 12
Little Women — 16
Saving Private Ryan — 11, 158, 172
Sense & Sensibility — 16
Shane — 11
The Bridge of the River Kwai — 11
The Longest Day — 158
The Magnificent Seven — 11
The Mask of Zorro — 174
The Natural — 109
Top Gun — 11

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  1. I like Christian authors who incorporate popular culture.

    I’d like to read Captivating. I almost bought it the other day. Haven’t read Wild at Heart yet although it’s been highly recommended.

    Name dropping doesn’t annoy me. 🙄

    Hopefully my gravatar will show up soon.

  2. Since I am clueless most of the time about popular culture, I find it unhelpful at best. I like Christian writers who use more universal themes. I am old-fashioned, I guess.

    Rob- I like your new title image. The tunnel is a neat image. For my art-blog, we used an image from an airport, too.
    Arrival Conversations


  3. Hey, Sarah. I guess I just dig how pop culture can be used effectively when it reflects those universal themes.

    I like your art blog! Nice use of the arrival board for your banner. 🙂

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