Trailer Roundup (vol. 9)

We start this week’s trailer roundup with Wall-E, Pixar’s latest piece of genius:

Wow, those Pixar wizards are just genius. I love that they’ve kept their center around very good story. If you were a Hollywood suit, you’d probably be thinking of the pitch for Wall-E as if it had already been done before. Remember 2005’s Robots? Me neither. It was all pretty to look at, but no real heart and lasting impact. Wall-E looks to be Robots‘ axle grease. I love its premise; it almost glances Spielberg’s AI. The Very Big Idea © of isolation and loss of community isn’t exactly child’s fare. But then that’s precisely why Pixar films resonate with adults as well as kids. Their messages manage to transcend the smallness of the animation. I can’t wait to see it.

Next up is a wreath movie. Juno looks to be a mix of Junebug and Rocket Science:

Now doesn’t that look sweet and refreshing?

Here’s Doug Liman’s newest, Jumper:

Looks very cool. I like the simple idea. I only hope he does a lot with the theme. Plenty of other movies have begun with a Neat Idea © but only used it as window dressing. Let’s hope he’s got some good tricks up his sleeves.

Here’s a new documentary, King Corn:

Looks to be like the doc that the book Fast Food Nation never became.

Finally, here’s Charlie Wilson’s War:

A neat biopic with our favorite Tom Hanks can’t go too wrong. That’s it for this week. Until next time…

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  1. Make sure you take a look at Black Sheep: The Violence of the Lambs if you get the chance Rob. It’s only just being released in the UK; I saw it months ago in NZ but don’t know if it will make it to the US. I loved it: definately a comedy cf. a horror flick.

    BTW I notice the favicons after your links. Are you doing that automatically or manually?

  2. Yeah, that’s it. The trailer on Apple’s site (for your iPod!) is here.

    Thanks for the link to the Link Indication plugin; I’ll check it out (if it caches the images that would make it very usable, otherwise I imagine it could slow page loading considerably).

  3. Mwhahaha! Yep, that’s the awesomeness of Gravatars 2! It allows for cacheing gravatars and using your own custom random set of generic gravatars.

    I have a folder of images I, ahem… “borrowed” from Netflix. They have a set of similar generic profile images they assign to new users. I Gimped them to be more orangified! You can see the whole set on that theme tour post above.

    About the link indication icons, I’m not sure if it caches. I’ve not noticed any page loading lags though.

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