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  1. Squirrels should be very thankful that God gave them tails. We have one around here that doesn’t have a tail. At first, it took me a minute to figure out what it was. It looks like big rodent that hops funny! Very un-cute. Their tails are delightful and add a lot of personality!

    Glad to see a pic of Cheeky!

  2. I love watching squirrels. When we lived in Tulsa I had a squirrel that hung around outside my office window. I named him Barkley after Sir Charles as I was a fan of the Phoenix Suns at that time.

  3. Cute pics!! Do you have lots of trees around your place?

    One of the things I loved in Co. was the ground squirrels. I was at a camp and they were just everywhere. They would even run in and out of the buildings; it was great.

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