Buyer beware

Sarah and I have our townhome on the market and are looking to move soon to a bigger place.  We’ve had some good showings and interest.  But by far, these several phone messages we received recently take the cake.

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Outback iPodulator

My wife just got a Subaru Outback 2.5i station wagon. She’s in love with station wagons. No, seriously. Station wagons have been her dream car body style forever. It’s like she’s been a stereotypical soccer-mom-in-training since high school. That said, by her account I drive a station wagon too. I’m not going to split hairs with her. Tomato, toMAH-to.

Anyway, in Sarah’s previous car — which goes without saying was a station wagon — she used one of those Belkin iCarPlay iPod FM transmitters to get her iPod music into her factory stereo receiver. Since getting the Outback, I jumped at the chance to do this right. That is to say, get a better sound quality input into her car’s factory stereo.

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