2008 Rally

Sarah and I went to the Barack rally back in September.  It was quite an experience, having never been this involved in politics before.  Here are some pictures…

Festivus, sort of

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is changing.  The leaves are falling.  We’ve already gotten our first light snow fall.  All of those elemental goings-on spell holiday buzz: Festivus!

Buyer beware

Sarah and I have our townhome on the market and are looking to move soon to a bigger place.  We’ve had some good showings and interest.  But by far, these several phone messages we received recently take the cake.

the Proairetic Code

Sarah and I have become This American Life groupies lately. If you haven’t heard the radio show, it’s about time you do. It’s like a documentary of sorts: a group of disparate ideas centered around a central theme, but also it occasionally includes short stories and monologues.

Outback iPodulator

My wife just got a Subaru Outback 2.5i station wagon. She’s in love with station wagons. No, seriously. Station wagons have been her dream car body style forever. It’s like she’s been a stereotypical soccer-mom-in-training since high school. That said, by her account I drive a station wagon too. I’m not going to split hairs with her. Tomato, toMAH-to.

Anyway, in Sarah’s previous car — which goes without saying was a station wagon — she used one of those Belkin iCarPlay iPod FM transmitters to get her iPod music into her factory stereo receiver. Since getting the Outback, I jumped at the chance to do this right. That is to say, get a better sound quality input into her car’s factory stereo.

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Art docs: prodigies and outsiders

There’s something extremely fascinating about those rare individuals who function on a higher plane, however dysfunctional or detached from the rest of society. The art world, as any other, knows its prodigies and outsiders alike. Here a few good documentaries that cover a wide range of such people.